We are The Printed Cup Company, the fastest manufacturer of bespoke printed paper cups! 

Based in Clitheroe Lancashire we are proud members of our beautiful local area and support our community through schemes like SAM's and by joining the Rotary Club. 

We believe in standing out. The cup harlequin which decorates the company cars, mouse mats and even the CEO’s onesie represents the diverse and colourful nature of everything we do.

We believe that through hard work and continued development we will grow together to be the best business for our staff and our clients.    Our-mission-statement.png

We may be small but we pack a punch and we're ready for any challenge!


The company’s passion is investing in people. We offer apprenticeship schemes and work closely with Lancaster University Business Management School, North Lancashire Training and We Are People Power to develop the team. Through investing in people, the company can create a superb environment to work in and get the best results from staff.  

Trophy_2.png -Green Apple Award (November 2011) 

- Newcomer to International Trade Award (December 2012)

- Best Employee of the Year - Sarah Woodward ( July 2015) 

homeless_sam.pngWe support local charities by donating our misprinted cups for example SAMS who support the local homeless by setting up soup kitchens. Our cups are used to serve hot tea, coffee, and soup to people who need it most in our area to help them get back on their feet. This benefits our community and helps us reduce waste. Click here to learn more about the work SAMS does.

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