By incorporating web standards and accessibility into our website we are using recommended standards (including Cascading Style Sheets CSS and XHTML) that have been approved and/or released by the W3C after older versions of browsers were released into the market. Therfore, where possible, we would encourage visitors with old web browsers (pre 2002) to upgrade to the latest version available (usually free) from the relevant manufacturer as certain functions may not be fully supported and this may affect the full presentation of this website.

A Skip navigation feature is incorporated for people using the Lynx or jaws aural and braille readers allowing you to skip the main navigation straight to the main content thus avoiding these browsers continually reading out the links each time on every page.

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Site Compliancy

The Paper Cup Company is committed to meeting current and future legislative and accessibility guidelines. This website has therefore been carefully constructed using many recommendations of the W3C Web Content accessibility guidelines 1.0. If you feel there are other areas of website accessibility CompanyName should improve please contact us and let us have your feedback. If you are interested in reading further information on accessibility you may find the following links useful